Particular services as per type of commodity

Steelmaking raw materials, steel products, minerals and non-ferrous metals

  • Vessel’s hold condition survey
  • Draught survey
  • Inspection of quality and quantity
  • Inspection of cargo onboard of the vessel
  • Inspection of cargo at storage yard/warehouse
  • Marking of cargo
  • Tally service

Bulk cargoes

  • Holds condition/cleanliness survey
  • Draught survey
  • Inspection of containers (cars) upon completion of discharge
  • Sampling
  • Laboratory examination

Saw-timbers, peat-briquettes, paper, cellulose

  • Holds cleanliness survey
  • Draught survey
  • Inspection of cargo at warehouse and before loading on board
  • Inspection of cargo upon loading on board
  • Tallying of cargo


  • Holds condition/cleanliness survey
  • Weight-bridge attendance and control of weighing
  • Draught survey
  • Sampling
  • Laboratory examination

Food commodity products

Meat products, fruits and vegetables:

  • Examination of quantity/quality
  • Inspection of damages of cargo
  • Sampling
  • Laboratory examination

Packed cargo:

  • Inspection of packing/container
  • Inspection of quality of cargo
  • Tallying of cargo

Liquid cargoes

  • Estimation of quantity of cargo by gauging of ship tanks or coastal tanks/capacities
  • Inspection of ship tanks after discharge
  • Inspection of rail-tank-cars upon loading
  • Sampling
  • Laboratory examination

Machinery parts and equipment, vehicles, household appliances

  • Survey of technical condition of cargo
  • Inspection of securing of normal-size and bulky machinery parts
  • Examination of damages

Containerised cargo

  • Survey of containers before loading
  • Calculation of disposal and fastening of cargo in containers
  • Inspection of damaged cargoes in containers and flatracks

General services as per type of inspection

In warehouse, storage yard & aboard of the vessel

  • Holds condition/cleanliness survey
  • Survey of hatch-coamings, hatch-covers, manholes, ventilating devices
  • Check of condition of cargo mechanisms, deck covering, railings, gangways
  • Check of conformity and validity of ship certificates
  • Survey of cargo compartments and hatch covers for acceptance of certain cargoes
  • Survey of cargo compartments after discharge
  • Survey of technical condition of vessels, including On/Off-hire survey of ship’s condition
  • Draught survey of liquid and bulk cargoes
  • Bunker survey
  • Inspection of water-tightness of hatches
  • Inspection of quantity/quality of general, bulk, liquid, timber, foodstuff cargoes, as well as cargoes shipped in containers at all stages of its handling
  • Inspection of damaged cargo
  • Sampling, laboratory examination in the course of precise inspection
  • Superintendence during loading/unloading operations
  • Inspection of containers / packing / vessel tanks for shipping of cargo
  • Tally & stockpile control
  • Marking, Sealing
  • Radioactivity, temperature, humidity level measurements